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Our Workshop

We firmly believe that to achieve a professional standard of 3D scanning services a dedicated area is essential. Therefore we 3D scan your object at our premises in a restricted access, purpose built environment in our 3D scanning studio in Guildford, Surrey. This ensures that the 3D laser scanning and 3D Structured Light Scanning  is carried out in a controlled environment to capture the best quality.

Our premises has a large 2.5 x 2.5 meters (8x8 feet) loading door that allows us to accommodate objects from the smallest, right up to and including, items the size of a medium to large car or van.

Using both natural light adjustments and a set of portable lamps to comfortably work with 3D scanner.

We have several different sized turntables so no matter what sized object, ranging from small to large. Regardless of duration of scan, from an hour to a week, we can achieve it.

If is difficult we also do mobile 3D scanning services in client place.

Our Scanners

Our objective is to use and sell what we believe is currently the very best choice in terms of quality at an affordable price. As such we are proud to be distributors for RangeVision and David-3D scanners.

We believe they offer greater flexibility to be used. In addition, they can be utilised with either one or two cameras, giving scope for 3D scanning objects from the smallest up to the largest.  They  have fantastic precision with point accuracy up to 0.03mm and resolution up to 0.043mm.

If, in some scenarios, objects are light sensitive, large , then, in either case, we have other scanning technology available to resolve the issue including Creaform 3D laser scanner.

From the smallest to the largest moving or stationary object, we can 3D scan it.

Scanning Process

Structured light 3Dscanners project a set of different light patterns onto an object. Over the period of few seconds, either single or double cameras read the shape of an objects and transfers it to a computer.

3D Laser scanner project laser lines onto an object.

Computer software then processes this information converting it to a 3D model file as a mesh or point cloud.

If the object cannot stay still for even a few seconds, or for some reason light cannot be used (for example scanning a baby’s face) we can use a different method which projects an invisible infrared laser pattern onto the object. We then take a 3Dscan in the same way one might take a photograph. Within a millisecond a 3D image can be captured.

The 3D model created is remarkably precise, and once captured, can be used in numerous ways. The 3D model can be edited, scaled, measured, compared or simply recreated. Essentially it can be sent electronically to any company offering 3D printing, CNC routing or even animation. The imagination is the only limit to what can be done.

Where it can be used

The product of 3D scanning an object is a computer file containing an incredibly precise 3D model of that object, the potential uses of which are endless. Current Computer Numerical Control machines push this even further. A 3D scanned object can be used for various methods of 3D printing and CNC machining, or even 3D animations.

One application of this technology might be the replication of art or heritage objects, such as ornate carvings or sculptures. The precision is such that technical parts can be recreated. For example, for a classic car where the original parts are no longer available. It would even be possible to create a life sized wooden sculpture of yourself or a loved pet. Endless possibilities require a broad range of machining options. We have in-house capacity to machine or 3D print small to medium sized objects in several materials, plus we work in partnership with a number of specialised 3D printing and CNC machining workshops giving us the ability to make, model or mould virtually any size and any material to make your ideas into 3D reality!

For examples of work already completed, please take a look at our gallery. If you don't see what you want, please do not hesitate to get in touch, as we can make your idea come to life.


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